The problems with tronc go beyond its name, and the people who work there deserve better

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing is now tronc, with a vision that “calls for perhaps the most concentrated mess of buzzwords that digital publishing has ever seen”

But did you know: “It’s not just that the name [tronc] is stupid, though it is,” Allison Hantschel writes. “It’s that giving the company a stupid, laughable name and putting out a press release at 4 p.m. on a Thursday, filling said press release with management seminar horseshit about leveraging the strategies of the content of the monetization of the whatever the hell says to everyone who works for that company: Your work means to us exactly this little. … Those people deserve better than ‘tronc.’ They deserve better than 20 years of corporate flailing at every online trend, from the paywall to the hyperlocal to the longform back to the paywall again.”