Pressure is mounting for the Review-Journal’s owners to go public as the Society of Professional Journalists releases a statement saying there’s ‘no excuse’ for the owners to hide their identity

You might have heard: The Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by News + Media Capital Group LLC, but no one knows who exactly is behind that company

But did you know: With a Twitter campaign led by Las Vegas Review-Journal staffers underway, more pressure is being put on the newspaper’s new mystery owners to reveal themselves. In a statement released Tuesday, the Society of Professional Journalists urged the owners to reveal themselves, stressing that its Code of Ethics calls on journalists to be transparent and accountable. SPJ writes in its statement: “Accountability begins with knowing a messenger, which allows an audience to understand that messenger’s motives and better understand the messages. To not reveal yourselves is to treat your readers with less dignity than humans deserve and with less respect than democracy should demand.”