NYT is starting to experiment with mobile-specific headlines

You might have heard: News organizations are thinking about the best ways to use audience data to segment audiences and personalize their experiences

But did you know: Last week, readers of a New York Times story on airlines abandoning in-flight entertainment systems saw one of two headlines, depending on the device they were viewing the story on, an informal way of segmenting its audience. Reading on desktop, users were shown “Airlines Phasing Out Screens Because You Are All on Your Devices”; mobile readers saw “Airlines Phasing Out Screens Because You’re Looking at This.” This instance was just an experiment, senior editor Mark Bulik (who leads NYT’s headline testing) says, but it’s one we can expect to see more of in the future. As Digiday’s Max Willens writes, “the emphasis on testing [headlines] has grown as publishers have grown more reliant on social distribution for traffic. … What’s less common is optimizing by device.”