The New York Times has used newsroom cutbacks to reshape as much as to shrink

You might have heard: Even after three rounds of layoffs and buyouts, The New York Times newsroom is roughly the same size as it was in its peak in early 2008 with about 1,330 staffers (Huffington Post)

But did you know: The New York Times is more recalibrating than downsizing, Michael Calderone writes in the Huffington Post. Justin Ellis adds, “changing the makeup of a newsroom is difficult and painful work: Companies want to keep institutional knowledge but also provide openings for new talent that may be more adaptable to the changes in the industry. Sometimes those skills are mapped along generational lines — sometimes not.” The Times is investing those saved dollars in new jobs, specifically in video, mobile, and the newly formed audience engagement team — areas the paper identified as critical to the future of the Times in the leaked innovation report.

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