How the New York Times new audience development team has approached strategy six months after the leaked report

You might have heard: The New York Times innovation report leaks to the public(Nieman Lab)

But did you know: One of the themes in the widely-read leaked innovation report was the need for the Times to put an emphasis on “audience development,” which for the Times meant making readers more loyal. A half year has passed, and Lucia Moses of Digiday speaks with Alex MacCallum about how the new 23-person audience development team is working within the Times and how it has been perceived.  As an example: “The most important thing our team can do is, because we’re a subscription business, we need to make sure we’re developing reader habits,” MacCallum said.

+ Following up from yesterday, another “news for millennials” experiment: The Charlotte Observer is testing Charlotte Five, a new website and newsletter that only publishes five stories per day, all at once (Nieman Lab)

+ Noted: Google has an interactive map ad on New York Times’ site, powered by existing NYT “36 Hours” content (Digiday);“BuzzFeed posts and videos were viewed over 21 billion times in 2014” (BuzzFeed); Knight Foundation awards $3 million to Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism to foster news innovation research, experiments (Knight Foundation); Gannett and the Des Moines Register’s second Occulus Rift immersive story is about the world ski championships in Colorado (TechCrunch);New York Times in print is getting a monthly men’s style section (Capital New York); AM/FM radio remains the audio service used by the most Americans(Quartz)