Nate Silver accuses Vox of recycling Wikipedia entries, and Ezra Klein says its best to let Vox’s work ‘speak for itself’

You might have heard: Nate Silver criticized Vox earlier this year for aggregating FiveThirtyEight’s charts

But did you know: In a recent interview with Catie Lazarus for “Employee of the Month,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver accused explanatory journalism competitor Vox of recycling Wikipedia entries. Silver said: “In some ways, we’re kind of quite opposite from from Vox, where … you read the Wikipedia page and you write, like, a take on it. That’s not our view exactly. I mean, we think that people should show their work.” Vox’s Ezra Klein responded by saying: “I’m tremendously proud of the incredible work my writers do — good explanatory journalism is very, very hard, and as such, I think it’s best to let it speak for itself.”