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Mashable laid off its entire politics desk, most of its global news desk and half of its editorial video team


You might have heard: Mashable announced Thursday that its chief content officer Jim Roberts and chief revenue officer Seth Rogin would leave the company as it turn its focus to video and “growing Mashable across every platform” (LinkedIn Pulse)

But did you know: As part of its restructure, Mashable laid off about 30 staff members on Thursday, including its entire politics desk, most of its global news desk and about half of its editorial video team. In addition to Roberts and Rogin, managing editor Jonathan Ellis and business editor Heidi Moore will also leave the company. Senior video producer Nadja Oertelt told Politico that the remaining members of the editorial video team will be merged with Mashable Studios, the company’s entertainment and branded video content division.

+ Mashable announced a $15 million funding round led by Turner just last week: The two companies are expected to partner to develop digital and TV content and advertising (Wall Street Journal)

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