Ken Doctor: Could Michael Ferro be preparing to sell Tronc?

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing is now tronc, and it plans to put out 2,000 videos a day through artificial intelligence

But did you know: Tronc made a lot of noise when it was announced in late June. But since then, Ken Doctor notes, there’s been almost no big announcements about Tronc, nor has Gannett mentioned anything about its potential purchase since early June. Given the silence and other factors, Doctor asks, could it be that Michael Ferro is ready to sell? Doctor writes: “Combine the three pressure points – lawsuit, Gannett’s ambition and Tronc’s business challenge – and you’d think that the man who troncked Tribune might be reconsidering his options. … It could be his own assessment of an end game, or it could be the whispers or louder that he is hearing from his highly paid bankers. … Ferro could point to so many reasons to simply accept Gannett’s offer — which would more than double the $44M price his group paid for the Tribune stake — and walk away.”