‘Just as the industry was starting to find its footing in the new digital ecosystem, the ground shifted again’

You might have heard: Digital and legacy news organizations alike are searching for successful revenue models, and we’re seeing a “a significant recalibration” of news business models

But did you know: Making a reference to “Game of Thrones,” NYT’s Mark Thompson wrote in an essay for the Reuters Institute’s 2016 Digital News Report, “Winter really is coming for many of the world’s news publishers.” While reports from the Pew Research Center and PwC detailed the numbers behind newspapers’ decline, U.S. media businesses have been in the midst of turbulence with consolidation and attempts to cut costs. In this piece, industry leaders react to recent reports, including former NYT executive editor Jill Abramson who explains some of the declines due to the fact that “readers and viewers moved so quickly to absorbing their news on mobile, a development that has further flattened digital revenues.”