Jennifer Preston will join Knight Foundation as vice president for journalism

You might have heard: Knight Foundation announces new journalism division(Poynter)

But did you know: Jennifer Preston, a New York Times veteran who was the newsroom’s first social media editor, will lead Knight’s efforts to help newspaper, TV, radio and Internet newsrooms bring media innovation into their mainstream. Preston’s team at Knight Foundation includes Director of Journalism Shazna Nessa, a former Associated Press deputy managing editor and a recent John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University, and Journalism Program Officer Marie Gilot.

+ Knight Foundation also announced a $1.8 million investment in the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships Program at Stanford University for a series of new initiatives, including a workshop on transformative news leadership (Poynter)

+ Noted: Forbes tweaks native ad program for greater scale, allowing brands to republish content from elsewhere (Digiday); Politico to launch a new policy-heavy news site, The Agenda (Washington Post); Vice Media’s creative services division will curate Collectively, a sustainability site launched by firms like Unilever, Google, Microsoft, and BT Group (Wired UK); BuzzFeed’s creative team is preparing to produce branded content in more foreign language markets (Capital New York); At Condé Nast Entertainment, marketing digital video costs as much as making it (Capital New York); Dow Jones wins $5 million judgment against ‘hot news’ provider Ransquawk (Reuters); Facebook launches hyperlocal ads targeted to people within a mile of a business (TechCrunch) and rolls out its ad network to all advertisers and apps (Marketing Land); Apple was granted a patent for a digital newspaper (Business Insider); Fusion hires Alexis Madrigal of to bolster tech coverage (New York Times)