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IAB released a guide for publishers on ad blocking, with six potential tactics for combating ad blockers

Advertising Age

You might have heard: Ad blocking is an increasing concern for publishers, but some publishers and studies are finding that people will turn off the ad blockers when asked to do so

But did you know: In response to the rising threat of ad blockers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released a guide for publishers on how to combat ad blockers. The guide includes six potential strategies for how publishers can respond to ad blockers, including paying ad blocking companies to whitelist sites and revenue sharing with readers. IAB also suggests making a “D.E.A.L.” with readers to turn off blockers, with “D.E.A.L.” standing for detecting ad blockers, explaining the value exchange, asking for changed behavior and then lifting restrictions.

+ The New York Times is testing a few approaches to ad blockers, including asking users to turn off ad blockers or sign up for a digital subscription (Advertising Age)

+ Emily Bell: As ad blockers affect revenue and distributed platforms gain more power, the industry needs more debate and wider discussion about what the future of the news industry holds (Columbia Journalism Review)

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