How the Guardian is reorganizing parts of its newsroom to better serve its digital audience

You might have heard: In May, NYT’s Aron Pilhofer joined the Guardian as executive editor of digital (Poynter) and  The New York Times has used newsroom cutbacks to reshape as much as to shrink

But did you know: The visual journalism, data journalism and audience development teams will all be restructured after new executive editor for digital, Aron Pilhofer, spent the summer visiting other media organizations for inspiration. Pilhofer cited [NPR‘s Visual team] as a particularly strong influence on the new Guardian Visuals team, which will bring together the graphics desk, picture desk, interactive team and parts of the digital design and multimedia teams. “The problem when you have these kind of silos is that it’s hard to assemble teams that are cross-disciplinary,” he said, “and have the right combination of designers, developers, graphic artists, photographers.”

+ How the newly formed NPR Visuals team used a “science fair” to spur collaboration with the newsroom

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