Google is aiming to speed up the mobile web with Accelerated Mobile Pages

You might have heard: Google was expected to announce its own version of Instant Articles, with a group of publishers as partners

But did you know: Google announced Wednesday Accelerated Mobile Pages, its answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles. Accelerated Mobile Pages speed up mobile page load times through a new open framework called AMP HTML, which Google says “allows websites to build light-weight web pages.” Google says it has nearly 30 publishers signed on to participate in the project, including The New York Times, Vox and Gannett.

+ What publishers need to know about AMP: Page load times will speed up, but most publishers will need to build two parallel versions of their stories and may need to set aside ad tech and analytics for the AMP version (Nieman Lab) and AMP comes at a time when many publishers have been working on their own to cut down page load times, especially on mobile (Digiday)

+ Jeff Jarvis: “It’s not just about speeding up the web. It’s about unbundling the web and web sites” (BuzzMachine)

+ The Verge’s report on AMP is published in AMP format, providing a preview of what we can expect from AMP article pages (The Verge)