Google AMP makes mobile web pages load faster, but require publishers to maintain a second version of their stories

You might have heard: Google’s answer to Instant Articles, Accelerated Mobile Pages, officially launched Wednesday (Silicon Valley Business Journal)

But did you know: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages can load mobile web pages as much as 85 percent faster than a typical mobile web page, but a significant challenge for publishers is the need to maintain another version of their web pages for AMP. McClatchy’s head of mobile initiatives Damon Kiesow says: “Everything we know about building a web page we have to relearn. But we’re relearning it from the premise of converting a current product over, not creating a product from scratch.”

+ Unlike Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP offers support for paywalls, but relies on readers searching for information while Apple and Facebook can suggest stories to readers (Bloomberg Business)

+ Dan Gillmor writes that while news organizations don’t feel like they have a choice about jumping onto platforms, it’s a short-sighted plan: “If one or two or a few centralized companies control the flow of news, information and conversation, that’s dangerous on its face; should Facebook and Apple (and Google) have the power to pick the big winners in journalism and other information services?” (Backchannel)