Gawker Media’s editorial staff votes to unionize, with 75 percent voting yes

You might have heard: Gawker Media’s editorial staff was considering unionization, which would make Gawker Media the first major online media company to unionize

But did you know: Gawker Media editorial employees voted to unionize, with 80 of the 107 voters voting yes. Gawker Media will be represented by the Writers Guild of America, East. Gawker Media is the first digital media company to join the Writers Guild of America. The editorial staff says the next steps are determining what they want to bargain for, forming a bargaining committee and negotiating a contract.

+ Former Gawker editorial director Joel Johnson says the decision to unionize was a good one: “Unionizing was a smart, brave decision, and one that gives you a chance at security in a turbulent environment” (Gawker); Jill Geisler on how Gawker’s company culture could be changed by unionization: “Tension may linger, even though only 25 percent of the vote came in as ‘no.’ Some just don’t like unions, others questioned the organizing process” (Columbia Journalism Review)