‘Flynn resignation shows leaks under Trump are working. Keep ‘em coming.’

You might have heard: Investigative journalism and leaks to newspapers led to Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser (CNN Media)

But did you know: “The Flynn episode is just the latest and most high-profile case in which the Trump administration has been forced to reverse course because of leaks to journalists,” Trevor Timm writes. Timm argues that the leaks have been successful in keep the Trump administration accountable, and journalists should welcome more leaks from government employees, while remaining skeptical. “It’s now more clear than ever that we will need more people like [whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning] in the next few years if we really want to hold the Trump administration accountable,” Timm writes.

+ It’s important to remember that not all leaks are created equally: “The right leak can sustain national discourse, earn journalism prizes and etch new entries into history books, as The Washington Post and The Guardian learned through Edward Snowden’s earth-shattering NSA leaks. The wrong leak can drive industry-wide condemnation, as BuzzFeed News recently endured after publishing an unverified dossier allegedly concerning Donald Trump’s salacious activities.” (MediaFile)

+ While many news outlets covered Flynn’s resignation in their coverage on Tuesday, outlets like Fox News and Daily Caller instead chose to focus on the leaks to reporters (CNN Media); Trump managed to avoid answering questions about Flynn at his press conference on Monday, and “reporters from across the media spectrum reacted with shock and frustration” (Politico)