Ezra Klein explains how and why Vox aggregates

You might have heard: Nate Silver criticized Vox for using FiveThirtyEight’s charts: “Yo, @voxdotcom: Y’all should probably stop stealing people’s charts without proper attribution. You do this all the time, to 538 & others.” and “Only about 20% of the maps @VoxMaps tweets were actually made by Vox. Always a link to a Vox story, rarely to original source.” (@NateSilver538, Twitter)

But did you know: After Nate Silver’s criticism, Ezra Klein explained Vox’s policy for aggregation: Any time a work Vox uses is created by somebody else, clear attribution and a link back to the source is needed, and when appropriate, Vox should add to the conversation with new facts, ideas or reporting. Klein says everyone is aggregating to some degree, because of the value it offers to readers and the value it offers the original source in terms of traffic and improved search engine ranking when aggregation is done well.

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