On ‘A Day Without a Woman,’ women’s news sites are going on strike too

You might have heard: After the success of the Women’s March on Washington in January (Vogue), the march’s organizers planned A Day Without a Woman, “a day of action to spotlight the economic power and value of women and their contributions to society in paid and unpaid labor” (USA Today)

But did you know: While some women’s news sites are planning coverage of Wednesday’s strike, other outlets are planning to go on strike, too. Bustle and The Cut will not publish any content today: The Cut will highlight stories from its archives on relevant subjects like feminism and reproductive rights, while Bustle’s social channels will go dark and employees will be given a “paid volunteer day.” Meanwhile, Jezebel will not run any stories by its female writers today, and the site will be manned by its male staff members; on Thursday, Jezebel’s female staffers will return to publish stories on the strike.