BuzzFeed deleted several posts after complaints from its business and advertising side, according to internal review

You might have heard: BuzzFeed removed a post criticizing a Dove advertising campaign; Unilever (which owns Dove) is a BuzzFeed advertiser, and the conflict prompted an internal review of all posts deleted in the past three years

But did you know: An internal review of all posts deleted since BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith was hired in January 2012 found three instances where posts were deleted. The posts criticized products or advertisements by Microsoft, Pepsi and Axe body spray, and were deleted after “after an editor fielded a complaint from a business-side BuzzFeed staff member” who worked with the brand, Smith announced in a memo to staff. He added that the posts would be reinstated and says: “I field complaints all the time from companies and individuals, including advertisers, and see it as my job to shield you from that pressure.”

+ Guardian head of media: Editors struggle to get the relationship between advertising and editorial right (Guardian)