Axel Springer wants to become the ‘leading digital publisher’ in the US and the No. 1 publisher in every market it enters

You might have heard: German publisher Axel Springer acquired a controlling stake in Business Insider last fall, starting its push into U.S. media

But did you know: Axel Springer says its push into the U.S. media market with its investment in Business Insider is starting to pay off, but it has even bigger goals: CEO Mathias Döpfner wants the company to become the “leading digital publisher” in the U.S. The U.S. isn’t its only target, too. Döpfner says he also wants Axel Springer to be the No. 1 publisher in every market it enters. Döpfner argues that Axel Springer has shown that it can make digital media profitable in Germany with, and that it’s now going to show it can do the same in English-speaking countries.