Apple’s new app ‘News’ will bring content from publishers together in one pre-placed app

You might have heard: Platforms such as Facebook are working with publishers to host content, saying this creates more seamless reading and viewing experiences for users

But did you know: Apple announced a new News app in the iOS 9 update, which will bring together content from participating publishers. Similar to Flipboard, News will be a personalized feed of content, tailored to the interests for each user. Publishers will be able to customize how articles are displayed in full-screen experiences and they can earn revenue (100 percent of the revenue from ads they sell and 70 percent from ads Apple’s sells). Other integrations are coming with news built into the phone’s search feature.

+ A comparison (so far) of Instant Articles and Apple’s News (Digiday)

+ For news organizations, Apple’s announcements Monday were the most important since 2011: “Individual news apps and individual news brands aren’t the primary point of contact with news any more. They’re raw material, feeding into broader platforms” (Nieman Lab); Apple’s News might help Apple, but it may not help news organizations: “In the struggle between curing the patient and selling the treatment, Apple will always defer to selling the treatment. It would rather have it be effective, but it’s not super worried if it isn’t” (Washington Post)