Ads on ‘premium’ websites are more effective, new research from comScore finds

You might have heard: What’s working for publishers in digital advertising is cleaner, higher-impact premium ads

But did you know: According to new research from comScore, ads placed on “premium” websites perform better than ads placed on other websites, which could potentially justify the higher ad prices that major news organizations charge. comScore measured the effectiveness of digital display ads placed on Digital Content Next (which represents “premium” digital publishers including Condé Nast and NYT and determined comScore’s measure of “premium” for this study) member websites in comparison with those on non-member websites, finding that the DCN member websites’ ads were 67 percent more effective than the non-member sites. The report concludes: “This research provides important empirical evidence indicating that premium publishers deliver substantially higher branding effectiveness for online display ads, lending support to their tendency to carry higher prices.”

+ Ken Doctor asks, will this study change anything about how media companies sell ads? It provides “more ammo” for established media organizations, but “higher pricing, of course, demands higher proof” (Nieman Lab)