96 percent of money journalists contributed to the presidential campaigns went to Clinton

You might have heard: Many news organizations, including The New York Times,Associated Press and NPR, forbid their journalists from contributing to political campaigns

But did you know: Through August, about 480 journalists have contributed almost $400,000 to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Center for Public Integrity found. And among the journalists who contributed to political campaigns, CPI found that they’re much more likely to contribute to Clinton’s campaign: About 430 people working in journalism contributed $382,000 to Clinton’s campaign, while 50 people in journalism contributed about $14,000 to Trump’s campaign. As for why a journalist would feel compelled to donate to a political campaign, Orange County Register restaurant critic Brad Johnson (who made “dozens of small-dollar” donations to Clinton’s campaign) explains: “I don’t cover politics. I don’t do investigative reporting. I’m just interested in finding the best pad thai and sharing what I find with our readers.”