Need to Know: December 2, 2022


On Thursday, Gannett began another round of layoffs, with about 200 jobs expected to be cut. The company laid off 400 people in August. CNN also announced layoffs, and NPR has instituted a hiring freeze. (The New York Times, Bloomberg) 

This week, union journalists at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram went on strike, the first newspaper in Texas to ever strike. They join journalists at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who have been on strike since October. Both McClatchy, which owns the Star-Telegram, and Block Communications, which owns the Post-Gazette, have posted job openings for positions that are held by striking workers. (Poynter) 


These are the stories that captured the most interest from Need to Know subscribers this week. 

Journalists near and far react to the journalism of Alaska Daily. The show strives to provide a more authentic portrayal of Alaska Natives in television and journalism. (The Seattle Times) 

How to include the missing perspectives of women of all colors in news leadership and coverage. This new report looks at challenges that women in India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. face in news leadership and coverage. (Internews) 

Media leaders around the world embrace hybrid work despite challenges. 61% of news outlets say they have implemented hybrid or flexible work rules for their staff. (Reuters Institute) 


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+ Revitalizing America’s news deserts: The devastating loss of local news outlets is a crisis for democracy. We can still fix it. (The Progressive Magazine) 

+ “I’d like African journalists to do African investigations supported by African people” (Reuters Institute) 

+ The new Wordle editor is ruining Wordle (Slate)