Need to Know: September 23, 2022

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Train and retrain

Are you “fit for purpose”? 

If you’ve read the “Elements of Journalism,” you know one of its basic tenets: The purpose of journalism is to make sure people have the information they need “to make the best possible decisions” about actions that impact their lives. 

Being fit for purpose — a term more often used in industries outside media — requires designing a process and then maintaining quality through constant testing, training and learning. Even if you’ve covered elections for years, you still need to update your knowledge in an ever-changing political system. 

“It’s a different day now,” Jaisal Noor, democracy initiative manager for Solutions Journalism Network, told API. “It’s time to throw out the old rulebook. We’re living in a different reality than we did just a few years ago.”

The final installment of API’s guide to covering elections and democracy covers ways to check in with your newsroom to make sure you’re up to date on everything from the latest social media trends to your rights as journalists. 

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