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Need to Know: October 21, 2020

Newsroom hotline connects readers with information, a news app that builds reading habits, and how to explain endorsements

Need to Know: October 20, 2020

SacBee journalists fight pay-for-clicks proposal, local media attracts national advertisers, and a ‘day of action’ for public media diversity

Need to Know: October 19, 2020

Slack-inspired ‘reporter’s notebook’ shares election insights, Twitter’s hacked materials policy, and COVID-19 fuels digital repression

Need to Know: October 16, 2020

Going beyond information needs, entrepreneurial journalists fight hedge funds, and pop-up newsletters capture the moment

Need to Know: October 15, 2020

Explaining political endorsements, should journalists vote, and how to support student journalists’ mental health

Need to Know: October 14, 2020

Subscription tiers inspired by the travel industry, a news cooperative ‘study group,’ and how the 1619 Project took over 2020

Need to Know: October 13, 2020

Explaining government to readers, fake news on Facebook is up from 2016, and Trump fans have a vastly different view of the pandemic

Need to Know: October 12, 2020

Launching a Spanish-language newsletter during COVID-19, converting stories for Instagram, and crowdsourced fact checking works

Need to Know: October 9, 2020

A collaborative effort to save local sports coverage, local news needs a funding pipeline, and how to set up journalism collaborations

Need to Know: October 8, 2020

How to help make up lost ad revenue, the role of local news in disease detection, and hyperlocal news hubs sprout up