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The Year in Fact-Checking: 366 stories to save

Was 2016 fact-checking’s finest year? Or was it the year of “post-truth” where fact-checking was simply a fool’s errand?

The discussion about facts in journalism worldwide has rarely been as fractured and debated as it has been in 2016.

Poynter has collected 366 links to try and make sense of what just happened. Want articles on the state of fact-checking around the world? You’ll find them. Discussions on the “post-truth” era? We got ’em. The spread of fake news and strategies to combat them? Covered. Funky formats for fact-checking and reader reactions? No problem.

We hope you’ll peruse the list and bookmark it for future reference.

Our blog post is taking a break next week. In the meantime, thanks for reading in 2016, and here’s to a more factual 2017!

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