Summer Fellowship Program

The American Press Institute offers a summer fellowship for college students or recent graduates to contribute to and learn from the Institute’s efforts to conduct research, convene thought leaders, create tools and publish insights that advance innovation and sustainability in journalism.

The program is for students with high levels of initiative, analytical thinking and ambitious ideas about inventing future models of journalism.

The program is for students with high levels of initiative, analytical thinking and ambitious ideas about inventing future models of journalism.

API summer fellows are involved in Press Institute programs while also completing a specific fellowship project. Candidates propose a fellowship project in their application — examples include a research project, written report, technology development, or any other product that would help news organizations solve problems.

Applications typically open in fall for the following summer. 

API Summer Fellows

Marlee Baldridge, Summer Fellow 2019Marlee Baldridge (2019). Marlee Baldridge is a graduate student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism studying newsroom diversity and media business models. During her fellowship with API, Marlee will be producing an email newsletter series that looks at practical ways newsroom managers create more inclusive workplaces in news.

Gonzalo del Peon (2018). Gonzalo came to API as a grad student in New York University’s Studio 20 program. A graduate of The New School who served as a researcher for the Membership Puzzle Project, he worked on a resource to help news organizations identify reader revenue opportunities beyond subscriptions and to aid their user research around reader revenue.

Emily Case, Summer Fellow 2017Emily Case (2017). Emily came to API as a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she became interested in serving refugee populations through a class on local émigré issues. She built a resource to help newsrooms identify refugee populations in their areas and learn how to effectively cover and serve them. (Read Emily’s project: “How to cover local refugee communities: Strategies for newsrooms and reporters“.)

Kasia Kovacs, Summer Fellow 2016Kasia Kovacs (2016). Kasia came to API as a master’s student at the University of Missouri, studying news reporting with a focus on investigative reporting. She studied what elements get readers to engage with longform journalism. (Read Kasia’s project: “How to engage readers with digital longform journalism.”)

Katie Yaeger, Summer Fellow 2015Katie Yaeger (2015). Katie came to API as a recent grad from the University of Missouri during the summer before starting in the school’s MA program for strategic communication. She analyzed how local news organizations should use voice on social media. (Read Katie’s project: “Finding a voice on social media: Insights for local newsrooms.”)

LZimmerman_600pxLisa Zimmermann (2014). Lisa came to API where she was a MA student in Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program. She researched how news organizations can make decisions for their comment systems based on their overall strategy. (Read Lisa’s project: “How to choose a commenting platform for news sites.”)