MANAGERS8: Biggest challenges facing journalism today

Managers Staff members
The flood of opinion and false information on the internet 54% 53%
The economic model for news is broken 52% 47%
Traditional media companies need to adapt faster to new technology 39% 30%
Media owners have focused too much on profits 32% 37%
The public doesn’t care about quality journalism 27% 34%
Media owners today don’t believe quality will sell 26% 31%
Other 15% 14%
Journalism education isn’t preparing the journalists of the future 14% 11%
Technology monopolies already control the internet 8% 7%
24/7 news cycle 1% 1%

Data Source: Question: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing journalism in general today? Choose no more than three.
Managers N = 1,604. Staff members = 3,579.
Original report: “Facing Change: The needs, attitudes and experiences of people in media.” 2015.

American Press Institute