Factually: New pressure on companies over vaccination content

Anti-vaccine posts draw scrutiny Social media platforms’ role in fueling anti-vaccination sentiment is drawing continued scrutiny in light of a surge in measles outbreaks around the world. It is a particular concern in the United States, where lawmakers have been holding hearings on the issue, including one Tuesday in which Ethan Lindenberger, an 18-year-old son of an […]

Factually: What research says about crowdsourcing on Facebook

Facebook crowdsourcing, one year later When Mark Zuckerberg revealed last week that he was considering crowdsourcing as a way to combat misinformation on Facebook, journalists went on the defensive. “You can’t apply an open-source model to fact-checking and journalism,” former Snopes managing editor Brooke Binkowski told The Guardian. “You have to have experts.” “Some obvious problems […]

Factually: False images after Kashmir attack show how quickly fakes can spread

A barrage of fake images in Kashmir Jency Jacob had never seen anything like it. “We have been fact checking since November 2016,” the Boom Live managing editor tweeted on Monday. “Never before has one incident taught us so many things about new forms of #fakeimages.” The incident Jacob referred to was a Feb. 14 terrorist attack […]

Need to Know: February 12, 2019

Fresh useful insights for people advancing quality, innovative and sustainable journalism OFF THE TOP You might have heard: Patch rebounds after split from AOL (Wall Street Journal) But did you know:All-digital local news company Patch is quietly re-emerging as local newspapers decline (Recode) Patch, the hyperlocal news company once owned by AOL, could — for […]

Need to Know: October 26, 2018

Fresh useful insights for people advancing quality, innovative and sustainable journalism OFF THE TOP You might have heard: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have replaced media companies as the most important information delivery mechanisms within the space of a decade (Columbia Journalism Review) But did you know: Apple’s ‘radical’ approach to curating the news uses humans over […]

Need to Know: August 31, 2018

Fresh useful insights for people advancing quality, innovative and sustainable journalism OFF THE TOP You might have heard: Some publishers stopped their Facebook ad spending over policy that treated publishers as political advertisers (Digiday) But did you know: Twitter will exempt news organizations from its issue ads policy (Axios) Twitter says news organizations can apply to be […]

A comic treatment of a tragically broken process in journalism

Newsrooms are still using processes and mental models designed for the pre-internet era, writes Hearken CEO Jennifer Brandel. “To put it frankly: those old processes aren’t working well in an age where individuals are empowered with access to seemingly-infinite content,” Brandel said. “And poorly-designed processes create inaccurate information and lead to misguided decisions which ultimately […]

Google launches a fund to support European publishers’ digital news products

As part of its Digital News Initiative, Google announced a €150 million (about $167 million) fund to support European publishers’ digital news products. Google says €50 million will be awarded annually over the next three years, and the grants will come with “no strings attached” and without any requirements to use Google products. Google has […]

AppNexus says nearly two-thirds of its impressions were fraudulent

Programmatic advertising company AppNexus says 65 percent of the impressions it served earlier this year were fraudulent, and is now taking measures to increase the viewability rate for advertisers. After filtering those fraudulent views, AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley said CPMs did not drop because advertisers were willing to pay more for higher quality, and view […]

Fact-checking broadcast journalism to be recognized in annual competition

The best political fact-checking journalism during the midterm election season will be recognized through the annual Brooks Jackson Prize for Fact Checking Political Messages. Entries for the award, sponsored through a partnership between the Norman Lear Center at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University […]