Research Review

These short features highlight academic research that could be relevant and useful to the news industry. We also hope that this series will spark ideas among academics with an interest in researching the news.

The journalist as referee: How audiences react when reporters evaluate competing claims

When reporting on competing factual claims, journalists can call foul. Acting as a referee, journalists can analyze which statement squares with the evidence. But should journalists do it? Are audiences better served when journalists take on this role? There are risks in this sort of reporting. Audiences may judge the reporting as biased and come […]

From free to fee: How U.S. dailies decide to use paywalls

Before charging for digital content, doing research seems like good business. It can help publishers learn how particular audiences will react to a transition from free content to paying for content. But a recent study shows that rarely do publishers report doing audience research before making the transition to a paywall. University of Missouri School […]