Good Questions Q&As

Editor’s Note: We discontinued our Good Questions Q&A series in early 2020. However, you can peruse API’s body of written work, including interviews with innovators in local news, here.

Our Good Questions Q&A series takes you inside the heads of leaders and thinkers who can illuminate the path forward for news organizations.

Many of the interview subjects are people in the news business doing interesting things. Others bring you powerful ideas from outside the news industry, from people like Harvard Business School professor and disruption theory expert Clayton Christensen, Microsoft researcher and youth culture expert danah boyd, or technology futurist Amy Webb.

Reporting ‘the whole story’: 9 good questions with David Bornstein of Solutions Journalism Network

The Solutions Journalism Network works to support reporting that examines potential solutions to social problems, rather than just chronicling the problems themselves. It just received a grant for $180,000 from the Knight Foundation to collaborate with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on giving reporters data about solutions to health problems. We talked with […]

Public-funded investigative journalism: 10 good questions with Israel Mirsky of Uncoverage

Uncoverage is a new platform that will make it possible for people to get issues that matter to them investigated and analyzed by serious journalists. For journalists and nonprofit news organizations, Uncoverage will allow them to seek crowdsourced funding for both articles and issues such as financial corruption or the business of prisons. Journalists will […]

What tech trends will change journalism next: 8 good questions with futurist Amy Webb

Amy Webb thinks a lot about how emerging tech might affect the news industry, from anticipatory computing to the increased usage of smart virtual personal assistants and the rise of the drones. She is the founder and CEO of Webbmedia Group, a digital strategy agency. She and her team work with clients to identify emerging technology that […]

Measuring the impact of journalism: 10 questions with Charles Lewis and Hilary Niles

What is the impact of journalism, and how can it be measured beyond audience reach and website traffic? Those questions are tackled by Charles Lewis, executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop at the American University School of Communication, and Hilary Niles, a graduate assistant at Investigative Reporters & Editors, co-authors of a new report

Ten Questions with David Sassoon of InsideClimate News

David Sassoon is the founder and publisher of InsideClimate News, a 6-year-old news nonprofit that just won a Pulitzer Prize in national reporting for a series, “The Dilbit Disaster.”

Ten Questions with Mark Jurkowitz of Pew Research

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism released case studies of newspapers beating industry norms in revenue, either in digital or print. The following is a Q&A with the report’s author, Mark Jurkowitz, who spent months doing the research.