Good Questions Q&As

Editor’s Note: We discontinued our Good Questions Q&A series in early 2020. However, you can peruse API’s body of written work, including interviews with innovators in local news, here.

Our Good Questions Q&A series takes you inside the heads of leaders and thinkers who can illuminate the path forward for news organizations.

Many of the interview subjects are people in the news business doing interesting things. Others bring you powerful ideas from outside the news industry, from people like Harvard Business School professor and disruption theory expert Clayton Christensen, Microsoft researcher and youth culture expert danah boyd, or technology futurist Amy Webb.

Demystifying the news nerds team with a ‘science fair’: 5 good questions with NPR’s Becky Lettenberger

The “news nerds” that make up the news application and multimedia teams usually sit in a different place, speak a different language, and work on different things. How do you create understanding and relationships that lead to a more innovative and collaborative workplace? At NPR, the news applications team, who served as NPR’s graphics and […]

Grabbing new readers with a “passion”: 7 good questions with The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News recently launched an initiative to attract and engage with new audiences by focusing on areas and topics that its readers are passionate about. This initiative took the form of five “insider” online communities that congeal around three “passion areas” and  two geographic locations. So far, the Morning News has recruited more than 50 contributors. […]

How a publisher-university partnership drives innovation: 8 good questions with Tom Negrete

The Sacramento Bee’s been busy in the field of data. Recently, The Bee has been working closely with universities like Stanford on using data to create personalized approaches and systems to better serve readers and advertisers. Tom Negrete, who is the paper’s director of innovation and news operations as well as the paper’s previous Managing […]

How niche reporting leads to higher quality information for everyone: 12 good questions with Lara Setrakian

Syria’s civil war is a story that goes in and out of the mainstream news media, but at Syria Deeply, it’s the only story. Lara Setrakian was a foreign correspondent for ABC News and Bloomberg Television before she decided to strike out on her own and create Syria Deeply, a news site devoted exclusively to […]

Transforming a longtime youth news product to match new behaviors: 7 good questions with Channel One News

When I was a kid in school, I watched the Channel One News program on old, wall-mounted TVs that turned on automatically during homeroom. But over the years, Channel One News has had to recognize that kids and teachers alike are using a variety of devices and platforms to consume information, including videos. Channel One […]

Infusing design into your newsroom culture: 7 good questions with John Maeda

John Maeda’s work has crossed many disciplines — design, technology and business — and now, he works at the intersection of all three. Former president of Rhode Island School of Design, Maeda is now design partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and chairs the eBay Design Advisory Council. In both roles, he’s tasked […]

A reader-focused redesign: 10 good questions with the LA Times’ Jimmy Orr

The Los Angeles Times just redesigned their site with a focus on mobile and a goal of increasing reader engagement through pre-written tweets or “sharelines,” infinite scrolling, and a handful of other design specs. We talked with Jimmy Orr, managing editor of digital, to discuss what problems the Times was trying to solve with the […]

Turning subject experts into journalists: 9 good questions with Robert Steiner

A fellowship program at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs recruits subject-matter experts – from scientists and lawyers to economists and cyber-experts – and over eight months trains them to become beat reporters by mentoring their work for a growing network of newspaper partners including The Dallas Morning News, The Globe and Mail […]

How ‘restorative narratives’ shape communities: 9 good questions with Mallary Tenore of ivoh

Images & Voices of Hope (ivoh) is a 15-year-old nonprofit organization that highlights how media can foster change and healing in communities. It defines “media” broadly — to include journalism, photography, documentary film, gaming and more. Mallary Tenore came on board as managing director in December after seven years at The Poynter Institute. We spoke with Mallary about […]

A new partnership and revenue stream: 8 good questions with Robert Rosenthal of the Center for Investigative Reporting

This is part two of a two-part series on a partnership between the Alabama Media Group and the Center for Investigative Reporting. Part one focuses on the Alabama Media Group’s innovation in investigative journalism lab and part two is about CIR experimenting with new revenue streams as a nonprofit news organization. Read part one here. […]