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A new way of looking at trust in media: Do Americans share journalism’s core values?

The deep divides over trust in the news media are usually portrayed as largely ideological. Democrats are seven times more likely than Republicans to say they trust the mainstream media, and independents are four times as likely.1 But the argument over media trust often has the feel of people talking past each other—many journalists denying […]

Building election coverage with audiences

No work of journalism should be focused more on what matters to the public than election coverage. Voters, after all, are the decision makers. But journalists don’t always make the right assumptions about what’s of interest to the voting public. One of the main concerns about political journalism is that it reflects the interests of […]

Addressing false information during the 2020 election and lessons for the future

The 2020 election may be remembered best for misinformation. Led by the defeated president himself, partisans — including elected officials — and others seeking to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the election spread false claims about voting and election results, undermining confidence in the foundations of our shared democracy. After the 2016 election, in […]

Amid uncertainty, back-to-basics reporting became essential in 2020 election coverage

The pandemic made nearly every facet of life more complicated. That, in turn, altered what kind of news people needed.  In response, many journalists offered a “back to basics” journalism, distilling key issues to help make them easy to understand and act upon.  Greater complexity was particularly true of voting in 2020, where many states […]

Lessons from 2020: How local newsrooms responded to unprecedented challenges

The pandemic created new challenges for journalists trying to help audiences make sense of a contentious election, one already complicated by abrupt shifts in voting processes and widespread misinformation spread online and by public officials. Just knowing how to vote safely was a major concern. In response, election reporting had to be rethought – in […]

7 questions to help local media rebound in 2021

Worldwide, the lives of most journalists have been consumed over the past 12 months by cataclysmic events both anticipated and unexpected. But no media organization has been battered more than the local newsroom. Journalists in America’s towns and small cities were the first responders to massive COVID-19 outbreaks, police shootings, protests, violent demonstrations, fractious political […]

What news publishers do to retain subscribers

As the future of the news focuses more on reader revenue as its economic model, retention of subscribers and members is becoming more critical. It is one thing to get users to subscribe, particularly with discounted introductory offers. It becomes essential to keep those consumers. To continue growing net revenue, publishers need help to evaluate […]

American Press Institute announces 2021 Table Stakes cohort and coaches

The American Press Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to helping transform news organizations for an audience-centered future, today announced eight news organizations and six coaches selected for the 2021 Major Market cohort of the Table Stakes Local News Transformation Program, an innovative yearlong change management program supported by the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund. We are […]

Is local journalism dying? Look closer.

This is the second installment of a column from API Executive Director Tom Rosenstiel, published in partnership with the Poynter Institute, about the press and politics, culture and media ethics, technology and the search for sustainability for news. Read the first column here. “Chaos often breeds life when order breeds habit,” wrote Henry Adams. So it […]

Five publishers of color selected for 2021 Listening & Sustainability Lab from API and REJ

The American Press Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to helping transform news organizations for an audience-centered future, is honored to announce the inaugural cohort of publishers of color for its Listening & Sustainability Lab in partnership with the Racial Equity in Journalism Fund at Borealis Philanthropy. Publishers and journalists from the Chicago Crusader, Cicero Independiente, The […]