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The Washington Post created a tool to measure the speed of its breaking news email alerts

A new tool developed by The Washington Post called BreakFast is helping the Post measure the speed of its breaking news email alerts against other news organizations. BreakFast monitors alerts from the Post and nine other news organizations and parses the alerts to determine if the topic is the same as previous alerts. BreakFast then […]

Social media accounts dedicated to interesting ‘facts’ often get them wrong

Twitter accounts such as @UberFacts and @OMGFacts have often been proved inaccurate, Poynter’s Alexios Mantzarlis writes, but they embody a larger, more troubling trend: “‘Facts’ are increasingly seen [on social media] as one-line zingers that should, ideally, surprise you into sharing them.” Sometimes the facts promoted by these social media accounts aren’t technically incorrect, but […]

Ads on news sites could use up as much at 79% of users’ mobile data

One reason why people download mobile ad blockers is because of the toll mobile ads take on their data plans, Lara O’Reilly writes. A new report from Enders Analysis backs that idea up, showing that ads accounted for as much as 79 percent of data transferred on news sites, with JavaScript elements adding extra data […]

27 ways to think differently about comments

After outlining dozens of new ways to think of a homepage last year, Melody Kramer is now tackling new ways to think about the comment section. Among the ideas for a more successful comment section: A self-regulated comment section (such as Reddit), allowing users to upvote or downvote individual comments, emoji-based comments (such as Periscopes’ […]

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