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The best way to find readers on Apple News may be having Apple News promote your article

Publishers have said they’re underwhelmed by Apple News: They’re unhappy with the data they receive from Apple and the user experience the app offers, but also with the traffic they’re receiving. After experimenting with Apple News, Talking New Media found that the best way to find a significant readership on the app is to have […]

Dean Baquet: Story about backlash to Gay Talese on Twitter was ‘flawed’

In a story titled “Gay Talese Goes Through the Twitter Wringer,” NYT executive editor Dean Baquet says the paper made an “unfortunate example” of how it is too often clumsy in its handling of race and gender. The story covered controversial remarks Talese made about female journalists at a conference at Boston University, recounting an […]

Is it possible for journalism to move away from ‘peak content’?

If clickbait is devouring journalism as Frédéric Filloux argues, Chris Sutcliffe asks, is there a way for news organizations to move away from “peak content,” or creating content to get as much traffic as possible? Sutcliffe writes: “Publishers’ reliance on ad revenue from huge audiences means they’ll inevitably resort to lowest common denominator-style publishing if […]

Why The Washington Post is building chat bots to deliver news

When Microsoft’s artificially intelligent bot Tay went rogue and was taught to be racist, publishers got a free lesson in what can go wrong with bots, Garett Sloane writes. Despite the risks, The Washington Post is building a news bot. Director of product Joey Marburger says the Post is managing those risks in how the […]

AP changes its style to lowercase ‘internet’ and ‘web’

Associated Press editors announced this weekend at the American Copy Editors Society’s conference that the 2016 stylebook will lowercase the words “internet” and “web.” AP standards editor Thomas Kent says the changes “reflect a growing trend toward lowercasing both words, which have become generic terms.” Adam Nathaniel Peck wrote last year that “internet” should be […]

Snapchat isn’t just trying to be a chat app, it wants total media domination

Snapchat is more than just a chat app, Mathew Ingram writes: It’s aiming “total domination of every relevant form of social media, using messaging as a delivery system.” Snapchat has the huge Millennial audience that everyone else is seeking, and its recent updates are part of its plan to continue to dominate that market. Snapchat […]

For women’s history month, The Washington Post is combing its archives for interesting profiles of women written by women

“Think about it like a Bechdel test, almost. But for journalism,” The Washington Post’s Julia Carpenter says. To celebrate the end of women’s history month, The Washington Post is highlighting profiles of women written by women from its archives. The profiles include Marjorie Williams’ profile of Sandra Day O’Connor and Lynn Darling’s of Maya Angelou. […]

Don’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a huge impact on journalism just yet

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset began shipping pre-ordered headsets yesterday, but Joseph Lichterman writes that we shouldn’t expect the Oculus Rift to have a big impact on journalism just yet. While the Oculus Rift is “a solid first step into mainstream VR,” the price point and computing power needed will limit its adoption: The […]

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