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Planning a panel? JAWS will help you find women to speak on it

Panels at journalism conferences are often male-dominated; JAWS is trying to change that by helping panel planners find qualified women to speak. To get JAWS’ help finding women to speak on your panel, conference organizers can fill out a form on their website with location, subject matter and other info about the panel, and JAWS […]

Why aren’t Facebook Messenger bots catching on with publishers?

When Facebook Messenger announced that publishers could create bots for the platform, many expected publishers to jump on it as a new way to deliver readers news. But since then, the list of publishers with bots for Messenger hasn’t expanded much beyond the initial group of publishers and brands at launch. While Facebook hasn’t done […]

Facebook’s trending news section is controlled by a group of contractors who curate the news

Launched in January 2014, Facebook’s “trending news” section appears in the top right hand corner of your news feed. That section is controlled by a group of news curators who are contractors for Facebook, working out of a basement in Facebook’s NYC office, Gizmodo reports. After seeing a list of topics ranked by Facebook’s algorithm, […]

Why Sree Sreenivasan is boycotting all-male panels at journalism conferences

In a post on Facebook, Sree Sreenivasan says he’s done with participating in and attempting all-male panels at journalism conferences: “I have been saying no all-male panels for me and talked myself out of several appearances as a result. I have decided the only way to do something is to call out the organizers who […]

NYT is sending out another round of Google Cardboards ahead of its 8th VR production

In preparation for its eighth virtual reality production, The New York Times and Google are sending out another round of Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers. This time, NYT will be targeting its online-only subscribers, sending 300,000 viewers to its “most loyal” digital subscribers, as determined by how long they’ve been a subscriber. This round of […]

Google says having a community and healthy comment section can help with search ranking

Though quite a few news organizations are cutting the comment section, Google’s Gary Illyes says that having a healthy comment section can actually help your search ranking. But this doesn’t mean that comments are the easy way to higher Google rankings: Illyes emphasizes that quality content and good links are ultimately more important to Google […]

For some publishers, Twitter is a better platform for video revenue than Facebook

On the surface, Facebook appears to be a better platform for video publishers than Twitter, simply because of its larger audience numbers. But some publishers are finding that Twitter is a better platform to make money off of video because of its options for revenue sharing, including pre-roll video ads. “We’re making so little from […]

Vox Media is launching a news outlet that will publish primarily on Facebook

Circuit Breaker is Vox Media’s latest news outlet, but it’s a bit different than any of Vox Media’s other sites: Circuit Breaker, which is launching today, will exist primarily as a Facebook page. Circuit Breaker will cover news about technology and gadgets in the fast-paced style of early technology blogs. Circuit Breaker’s editor Paul Miller […]

‘Facebook’s Messenger bots are the slowest way to use the Internet’

Facebook’s new Messenger bots were highly anticipated, but The Verge’s Nick Statt writes that the bot’s interactions aren’t as instantaneous as we would expect them to be. When talking to a bot, users can even see bouncing dots that indicate that the bot is “typing.” Facebook’s own M bot relies on a combination of artificial […]

BuzzFeed didn’t cut its 2016 revenue forecast in half, chair Ken Lerer says

The Financial Times reported Tuesday that BuzzFeed significantly missed its revenue target for 2015 and was cutting its 2016 projections in half as a result. But BuzzFeed chair Ken Lerer says that its forecast for 2016 haven’t changed. Lerer says BuzzFeed met its projections for the the first quarter of 2016 and is on track […]

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