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More than half of local independent online news sites are selling sponsored content, Tow-Knight report finds

According to a new report from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, 51 percent of local independent online news sites that sell journalism are selling native advertising or sponsored content. The report shows that while these publishers are still heavily dependent on advertising revenue, they’re experimenting with new ad formats and new ways to bring […]

100 years of Pulitzer Prize data shows racial and gender disparities: 84% of Pulitzer winners in the last 100 years have been white

Analyzing 100 years of data on Pulitzer Prize winners, Columbia Journalism Review found that Pulitzer winners are growing more diverse, but that progress is moving very slowly. CJR’s analysis found that 84 percent of Pulitzer winners over the last 100 years have been white, and only 30 African Americans have won. But despite the racial […]

A roadmap for reinventing legacy news organizations is starting to emerge, with a focus on not being everything to everyone

Taking a look at newsroom re-organizations around the country at legacy news organizations such as The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, we can start to see a roadmap for reinventing legacy organizations start to emerge, Poynter’s Kristen Hare writes. In terms of coverage, these news organizations are not trying to be everything […]

Tribune’s new investor wants to save print with ‘machine vision’ technology

Tribune Publishing’s new second-largest investor Nant Capital has a plan to save print: With “machine vision” technology developed by CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong, he says the experience of reading a print newspaper will be brought to life. For example, if a reader focused their smartphone camera on a picture of Kevin Durant, they could see Durant […]

An interview with President Obama was set to be Facebook Live’s biggest event, but technical problems landed it on YouTube

BuzzFeed’s interview with President Obama on Monday afternoon could have been Facebook Live’s biggest event yet. But when the Facebook livestream froze before Obama appeared, BuzzFeed redirected users to YouTube by pasting a link in the comments. The YouTube stream carried on without problems, and the video has already received more than 100,000 views.

Could The Washington Post’s Arc CMS ‘blow the top off’ the industry?

The Washington Post is pitching its Arc CMS to other news organizations, with the pitch that it provides the tools for everything a publisher needs to do, in exchange for a fee based on the amount of data used. And, if that’s successful, Washington Post chief information officer Shailesh Prakash argues that Arc could totally […]

Facebook Live doesn’t have to be live: Some publishers are using pre-recorded video

Despite its name, Facebook Live doesn’t necessarily have to be live. Facebook is allowing media organizations to use pre-recorded video for live streams, similar to how TV networks have worked for decades. Some publishers are exploring whether airing pre-recorded content through Facebook Live will give the videos greater exposure than simply uploading as non-live video, […]

Research finds that false information travels faster on social media than the truth

The findings of two recent studies may be worrisome for fact-checkers, Craig Silverman writes. Two studies found that false information travels faster on social media than fact-checking efforts can keep up: One study from the University of Warwick found that false rumors take longer to be debunked on Twitter than a rumor that turns out […]

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