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Aiming to respect the reputations of the people arrested in the community it covers, the New Haven Independent has a mugshot-free arrest page

The New Haven Independent, a nonprofit news outlet, has an usual policy: It will not run photos or name people who have been arrested, unless they’re a public figure, the arrest is deemed an emergency or the Independent can interview the accused person directly. “I feel strongly that if the press quotes police officers and […]

Google News now has a fact-check tag

Now, Google searchers will see see fact-checking articles flagged as such in Google News. Google announced that it would tag fact-checks as such from websites that apply a corresponding label to their code and from “sites that follow the commonly accepted criteria for fact checks.” While Google wouldn’t confirm the full list or number of […]

Since firing its human editors, Facebook’s trending news section has repeatedly featured fake news

In the six weeks since Facebook revamped its trending news section to be controlled by an algorithm, the section has repeatedly featured fake news, Caitlin Dewey writes. Between Aug. 31 and Sept. 22, The Intersect found five trending stories that were “indisputably fake” and three that were “profoundly inaccurate.” These problems largely stem from Facebook’s […]

A former AP staffer writes a newsletter that keeps former and current AP employees connected

Paul Stevens is a former Associated Press regional vice president who is now writing a newsletter that keeps former and current AP employees connected. When Stevens retired in 2009, AP corporate communications sent out a monthly newsletter, but when that newsletter ended, Stevens decided to pick it up. Called “Connecting,” Stevens rounds up top AP […]

After controversy over unscientific online polls, organizations including Time and The Hill chose not to run polls following Sunday’s debate

At least four news organizations chose not to run unscientific online polls after Sunday night’s debate. Those polls came under fire after the last debate because critics said the unscientific polls help Donald Trump misrepresent polls to declare himself the winner. Time, CNBC, Fortune and The Hill did not post the polls after doing so […]

Why aren’t more women running media companies?

There’s an imbalance in the number of male and female CEOs in media, Jeremy Barr writes. Even at female-focused media outlets such as Refinery29 and Bustle, those companies are led by men. But in order for there to be more women CEOs, Vivian Schiller says more women have to be in that role already: “The […]

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