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Need to Know: May 8, 2019

How to respond to ‘fake news’ complaints, digital subscriptions still have room to grow, and ways to improve your critical thinking

Need to Know: May 7, 2019

Fact-checkers will fight misinformation on Instagram, how to let bad projects die, and how to get help with listening to audiences

Need to Know: May 6, 2019

What kinds of content drive subscriptions, how regular people wrestle with fake news, and the First Amendment is a roadmap to engagement

Need to Know: May 1, 2019

How to help solve the problems you cover, when crowdsourcing gets you in trouble, and the many story ideas presented by the 2020 census

Need to Know: April 30, 2019

How local news orgs do product management, how to be an ally in the newsroom, and how to handle hacked documents in election coverage

Need to Know: April 29, 2019

Creating a unique social media voice, what could machine learning do for you, and news orgs’ declining influence over elections

Need to Know: April 26, 2019

Adding transparency to your stories, shifting to a nonprofit news mindset, and the struggle to cover misinformation well

Need to Know: April 25, 2019

News needs new processes not just new revenue, everyone wants an editor-in-chief now, and is it time to try TikTok

Need to Know: April 24, 2019

Simple questions to start building trust, why local news orgs are staying away from Apple, and is climate coverage lacking urgency

Need to Know: April 19, 2019

Fresh useful insights for people advancing quality, innovative and sustainable journalism OFF THE TOP You might have heard: 80 journalists were killed worldwide in 2018, up from 65 in 2017; more than half were deliberately targeted (Reporters Without Borders) But did you know: Just 8 percent of countries have a media climate considered ‘good’; The […]