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Need to Know: May 25, 2021

How to raise the bar on customer service, solutions journalism attracts funders, and news deserts aren’t friendly to local news startups

Need to Know: May 24, 2021

Earning the trust of BIPOC communities, how community advisory boards can give feedback on coverage, and what to do about linkrot

Need to Know: May 21, 2021

How journalists can reach conservatives, how New York City is saving its local news, and what accessible websites look like

Need to Know: May 20, 2021

How local news is recovering from a year of crises, frameworks to track impact and DEI, and can Axios go local

Need to Know: May 19, 2021

Leave unnecessary politics out of stories, what younger viewers want from TV news, and too much news can leave us less informed

Need to Know: May 18, 2021

How to help audiences navigate their lives, what makes for a successful narrative podcast, and a holistic approach to journalist safety

Need to Know: May 17, 2021

Why talking to sources in person is important, how to get buy-in for a technical change, and ad dollars are going to Black-owned media

Need to Know: May 14, 2021

A wellness resource for student journalists, how local news can help achieve 70% vaccinated, and turning reporting into short films

Need to Know: May 12, 2021

How to show accountability in daily stories, why impact reports are so important, and the problem with ‘casting calls’ for sources

Need to Know: May 11, 2021

A ‘mini-diary’ of the unionizing experience, Facebook tests prompt to read before sharing, and another community saves its newspaper