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French news sites are telling readers to uninstall their ad blockers before accessing their content

A group of some of the biggest French news sites including Le Monde and Le Parisien are either asking or forcing users to uninstall their ad blockers before they can access news content. This unified approach was organized by a trade organization representing online businesses, and includes non-news sites such as French music streaming service […]

French newspaper Libération shares what it’s seeing so far on Instant Articles

Libération is the first French newspaper to publish all of its articles as Facebook Instant Articles, head of digital Xavier Grangier says, and two months in, it’s sharing what it’s learned so far. Grangier also explains how Libération adjusted on the technological side to publish Instant Articles. Since launching on Instant Articles in January, About […]

After dropping its paywall, The Sun is now trying to rebuild traffic through social distribution and search

U.K. newspaper The Sun dropped its paywall in November, and it’s now trying to rebuild its traffic to pre-paywall levels, Jessica Davies reports. To do so, The Sun is focusing on social distribution and organic search, but moving its focus to building traffic is a turnaround in strategy from trying to build a subscriber base. […]

To achieve its goal of breaking even within 3 years, Guardian Media Group will cut 250 jobs

With a goal of breaking even within three years, Guardian Media Group says it will cut 250 employees and restructure some parts of its business. Editor-in-chief Katharine Viner and CEO David Pemsel said in an email to staff that they hoped all job cuts would be voluntary. In total, the Guardian’s workforce in the U.K. […]

As The Independent becomes digital-only, it’s hiring writers who will work work on editorial and native ad content

The Independent is recreating itself as a digital-only organization as its print editions come to an end in the next two weeks. While other news organizations have created separate divisions for native ads, The Independent is taking a unique approach: It’s hiring writers who will work on both the editorial and commercial sides of the […]

If UK media adopted NYT’s new rules for anonymous sourcing, how would political coverage be affected?

The New York Times is changing its policy on anonymous sources to require two out of three top editors to review and sign off on articles that primarily depend on anonymous sources. But if media in the U.K. were to adopt a similar policy, The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade questions how many political stories could be […]

Journalists are increasingly prevented from covering the migration crisis by being barred from anti-migration rallies and refugee camps, CPJ says

As the migration crisis has become one of the most important stories in Europe, the Committee to Protect Journalists says that journalists are increasingly being prevented from covering the story. Journalists have been banned by some European governments from entering refugee camps or transit centers, as well as ordered away from such areas by police. […]

Mashable is launching a French-language site in partnership with France 24

Mashable and international news TV channel France 24 will launch a French-language edition of Mashable. The new site, which will be called Mashable avec France 24, will also receive support from Google’s innovation fund as part of its Digital News Initiative in Europe. Mashable avec France 24’s editorial team will be made up of staff […]

Cautiously seeking scale, Financial Times plans to make its paywall ‘leakier’ with content on platforms

After making more articles available to read to users coming from social media last spring, the Financial Times will make articles from distributed platforms including Apple News and Google AMP available to users free of charge. Business to consumer global managing director Jon Slade says the idea behind making the paywall “leakier” is letting more […]

Seeing success with its tablet edition, La Presse will not focus on smartphone apps

Canadian newspaper La Presse ended its daily print edition at the end of December, instead publishing on its tablet edition La Presse+. Each weekday, around 250,000 unique devices access La Presse+, and 100,000 new devices have started using the tablet app weekly since the print edition ended, Catalina Albeanu reports. But despite the success La […]