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Alibaba’s Jack Ma is paying South China Morning Post journalists ‘cash gifts’ as an incentive to stay

After buying the South China Morning Post in late 2015, Jack Ma is now paying full-time and part-time journalists at the newspaper “cash gifts” as much as $1,933 USD as an incentive to stay with the paper. Dozens of employees have left the company since the deal was announced in December, Quartz reports, with many […]

The owner of The Paper, a Chinese news outlet overseen by the Communist Party, is launching an English-language site

The Paper is a new media success story in China, and now it’s trying to find that same success abroad: The owners of The Paper will launch an English-language website called Sixth Tone today. But what sets The Paper apart from other new media success stories is that it’s overseen by China’s Communist Party at […]

How the Times of London is making Slack its ‘hub for everything’

Slack’s senior manager of accounts James Sherrett says Slack is an “iceberg product”: There’s more beneath the surface than what you first see. “People get that it is a communications platform; then, they get that you can use it for file sharing, then integrating it with apps. The further you go with it the more […]

A new report says Europe’s press freedom is threatened by consolidation and a lack of transparency around ownership

A new report from the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom examined 19 European Union member countries and found that press freedom in Europe is at risk because of political interference and concentrated ownership. Ownership of media entities in Europe tends to be in the hands of only a few entities, giving them more […]

Mic plans to become a major force in European media by tailoring its brand to its European audience

In the United States, Mic’s brand is the news site for “college-educated millennials.” But as it plans to expand into Europe, founder and CEO Chris Altchek says it will after to alter that vision for its European offshoots. Altchek says that going to college in the U.S. is a big accomplishment but in Europe, it’s […]

The Times of London is moving away from covering breaking news to focus on more in-depth analysis

With a hard paywall that’s been up since 2010, the Times of London has established itself as a destination for in-depth analysis, opinion and commentary for its subscribers. Despite that specialty, it has still covered breaking news. But now, the Times of London will move away from covering breaking news as it happens in favor […]

Martin Belam: Terrorist attacks outside of Western Europe aren’t covered as thoroughly because it’s harder to get people to care about those stories

You’ll often see people complain that terrorist attacks outside of Western Europe aren’t covered well enough, but Martin Belam writes there’s a reason for that: Data shows that it’s hard to get people to read those stories. It’s also easier and less expensive for reporters based in Western Europe to get to cities such as […]

Al-Jazeera will cut as many as 500 jobs, and many of those will come from its Qatar headquarters

Just two months after it announced it would close its United States offshoot, Al-Jazeera says it will cut about 500 jobs, with many of those coming from Qatar. Al-Jazeera currently employs about 4,500 people, making the cuts about 11 percent of its workforce. The Associated Press reports that the economy in Qatar is currently struggling […]

The British journalism industry is 94 percent white, a new survey finds

According to a new survey from City University London, the British journalism industry is 94 percent white and 55 percent male. The survey also found that 65 percent of journalists who have joined the field within the past three years are female, but women in the industry are under-promoted. Most ethnic groups and religions are […]

Johnston Press will sell, close or drastically cut costs at 59 local newspapers

Johnston Press announced this week that it will sell, close or cut costs at 59 of its local newspapers. The company said in a statement that it had “identified a number of newsbrands that are now considered non-core and such will be either divested or run with less costs.” In 2015, Johnston Press closed a […]