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Just two months after it launched, Trinity Mirror is shutting down New Day

Launched just two months ago, Trinity Mirror’s New Day was an experiment: a print newspaper without a website, with articles published directly to Facebook. Now, Trinity Mirror is shutting the newspaper down, with the last issue coming out on Friday. Trinity Mirror was aiming for paid daily sales of 200,000, but only sold about 30,000 […]

Could blocking ad blockers be illegal in Europe?

Detecting whether a reader is using an ad blocker could be illegal in Europe, privacy campaigner Alexander Hanff claims. Digiday’s Jessica Davies fact-checks Hanff’s claim: Ad-blocking detection in and of itself may not be illegal, but it might require consent, depending on how the law is interpreted. And websites may not technically be verifying that an […]

The Economist and Mic are partnering for a podcast with a global perspective on the 2016 presidential election

While Americans might see Donald Trump’s rise as a historic, unpredictable event, Ricardo Bilton writes that Italians have a different perspective: They see Trump as America’s version of former Prime Minister Silvo Berlusconi, “an entertaining, almost comical spectacle who nonetheless became a very serious candidate, impossible to ignore.” A new podcast from Mic and The […]

The New York Times is closing its editing and print production offices in Paris, eliminating 70 jobs

The New York Times is changing how it thinks about its international edition, and closing its editing and print production offices in Paris. The International New York Times will be redesigned, and editing and print production will take place in New York and Hong Kong. The New York Times currently employs 113 people in Paris, […]

The UN calls for the media to take a more ‘constructive’ approach to news with its Constructive Voices program

In a meeting in London on Wednesday, director general Michael Møller will talk to journalists about United Nations’ new Constructive Voices program and call for the media to take a more “constructive” and “solutions-focused” approach to news. Constructive Voices is an online resource designed to help journalists find case studies with practical solutions to problems. […]

As Business Insider expands, its paid research arm BI Intelligence is also looking outside the US

Now a part of Axel Springer, Business Insider is quickly expanding outside the U.S.: It’s doubling its staff and expanding original reporting in Germany, andmore international editions are likely on the way. At the same time, its paid research arm BI Intelligence is also expanding its team and looking outside the U.S. for new opportunities. […]

Driven by micropayments, Winnipeg Free Press expects about $100,000 in digital revenue this year

The Winnipeg Free Press is experimenting with a micropayment model, and almost a year in, readers who pay by the article are paying an average of $2 per month. About 4,300 readers have paid to read at least one story, which cost 27 cents (about 21 cents USD) each. With its new micropayment model, the […]

‘The dark side of Guardian comments’: Out of its 10 most abused writers, 8 are women and 2 are black men

The Guardian is revamping its comment section, and taking a look at the global phenomenon of online harassment. The Guardian commissioned research into the 70 million comments left on its website since 2006, finding that out of the 10 writers who experience the highest levels of abuse, eight were women and two were black men. […]

In a test with Facebook Instant Articles, U.K. publisher Car Throttle saw a 16 percent drop in pageviews

As Facebook prepares to make Instant Articles available to all publishers, Lucinda Southern writes that not all publishers agree about whether it works. In a weeklong test with Instant Articles, the U.K.’s Car Throttle published all of its articles as Instant Articles and saw a 16 percent drop in pageviews. Car Throttle’s founder and CEO […]

The Guardian is changing how it handles comments and asking its readers for feedback

Recognizing that the internet has a problem with harassment and abuse in comment sections, The Guardian is changing how it handles comments. Executive editor Mary Hamilton says the Guardian will implement new procedures to protect staff from abuse, changing the process for new commenters to make them better aware of community guidelines, reviewing its community […]