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‘There’s no longer this church versus state’: City AM is tearing down the divide between the editorial and business sides

London business-focused newspaper City AM is drastically changing its culture, in ways that its chief operating officer Charles Yardley says could change the U.K. publishing landscape as a whole. Trying to bring editorial and commercial together, City AM will now also publish articles by “contributors” who are paid based on the number of page views […]

NYT’s Paris-based staff is fighting back against layoffs, arguing that the sensibility of the international edition will be lost

After NYT told staff in April that it would cut about 70 of the 110 jobs in Paris, NYT’s Paris-based staff is fighting back. The staff wants the company to reduce the number of cuts in Paris, while making up the difference in London, New York and Hong Kong. The Guardian reports that the Paris-based […]

The Washington Post will expand into Europe through its Opinions section

Led by Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post is planning an expansion into Europe with a new Global Opinions section. Editorial page editor Fred Hiatt says the objective of Global Opinions is to “tap into the debates and discussions happening in countries around the world and offer a variety of perspectives that explore how the international […]

A Swedish podcasting platform is offering podcasters the option to charge listeners in exchange for no ads

Swedish podcasting platform Acast launched a new product on Monday that offers podcasters a new way to generate revenue. Called Acast+, the platform now offers podcasters the option to sell their product directly to listeners without advertising. Podcasters can set their own price, and revenue is then split with Acast. Listeners will have the option […]

A petition to save the BBC’s recipe archive has more than 25,000 signatures

The BBC is planning to cut “soft” news from its website, including its recipe and food section. But after a source from the BBC told the Guardian that the recipes would “fall off the face of the internet” and will have no live links after the section is closed, more than 25,000 people have signed […]

What the Financial Times has learned from taking a reader-focused, public approach to redesigning its website

Because digital subscriptions are key to its business model, the Financial Times is letting readers into the website redesign process, incorporating their feedback into the process. So far, it’s learned that readers find site speed and the ability to personalize the website important. Readers also preferred to have small video units lower on article pages. […]

To bolster its tech coverage, Trinity Mirror is partnering with Dennis Publishing to re-publish stories from its niche publications

Trinity Mirror wants to increase its tech coverage, and it’s partnering with Dennis Publishing to do so. In a three month trial, Trinity Mirror will re-publish stories from Dennis Publishing’s niche tech publications Alphr and Expert Reviews. The two publishers will share revenue from the re-published stories, while Trinity Mirror can test how its audience […]

To scale its audience, The Independent is bolstering its programmatic ad team

Just two months after ending its print edition, The Independent says it’s already profitable. To generate enough revenue to maintain profitability online, The Independent is hiring programmatic ad specialists and hiring writers who can write both editorial content and native ads. The Independent is focusing on scaling its audience on a national and international scale, […]

With more jobs cut, Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age could eliminate weekday print editions

After 30 jobs were cut at Australia’s Fairfax Media, some say that the daily newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age could be headed to a weekend-only printing schedule. In a speech last week, Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood said that with the exception of the Australian Financial Review, 65 percent of the company’s […]

BBC will eliminate some ‘soft’ news from its website, saying it ‘cannot be all things to all people’

The BBC will announce cuts to its website this week, targeting “soft news” content such as recipes, travel advice and magazine-style articles, The Telegraph’s Patrick Foster reports. The BBC is expected to create clear boundaries about what it will and will not do online, with director general Lord Hall of Birkenhead saying that the BBC’s […]