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In China, WeChat is a part of everyday life, taking on a role that combines Facebook, LinkedIn, iMessage, Slack and Skype

Those who are trying to understand WeChat’s role in Chinese life may ask questions like, is WeChat the Facebook of China? But Zara Zhang says that’s the wrong question to ask. WeChat takes on a combination of tools that Americans use, and Zhang writes that its role in Chinese life offers important lessons for technology […]

FT’s plan for expanding its content studio into a full-service agency: Making better use of subscription data

After establishing its content-marketing studio FT Squared nearly a year ago, the Financial Times has plans to turn the studio into a full-service agency. With the acquisition of content-marketing video specialist Alpha Grid, it’s looking to improve its creative production. And for a paywalled publisher, a major part of its expansion plans include making better […]

3 challenges for local media co-op: a sustainable business model, a political stance, and the logistical demands of membership

Local news cooperative The Bristol Cable launched in the U.K. in 2014, and are trying to “redefine local media as we know it” through a membership model that encourages the community engagement through free events. As The Bristol Cable gets bigger, it’s also facing some growing pains, which include common problems such as needing a […]

The attempted military coup in Turkey shows a struggle for power that puts journalists in the middle

As an attempted military coup began in Turkey on Friday night, journalists were placed squarely in the middle of the “tug-of-war for power,” Benjamin Mullin writes. Turkish news outlets posted on social media that they were being “forcibly interrupted” while attempting to gather news, while CNN Turk broadcasted the takeover of its studios on Facebook […]

French authorities are encouraging social media users to avoid sharing rumors about the Nice attack

After a truck drove into a Bastille Day celebration late Thursday night killing as many as 80 people, French authorities are asking social media users to avoid sharing rumors about the attack. In a tweet from the French government’s official Twitter account, social media users were asked to “act responsibly” and only share content from […]

The Telegraph finds that the slower its website loads, the less frequently users return to the site and the fewer pages they visit

Setting out to quantify the impact of page load times, U.K.’s The Telegraph ran a series of experiments that served users varying delays in page load times. Oliver Palmer explains that the longer the delay, the less frequently users returned to the site and the fewer pages they viewed. For example, a delay of 4 […]

Sky News on the value of Facebook Live: It lets us meaningfully engage with our readers

Sky News’ audience development editor Richard Evans says Facebook Live not only allows Sky News to bring its journalism to a new platform, but also offers a new way to interact with its readers: “Our journalists and correspondents are able, really for the first meaningful time, to engage directly with their viewers in real time.” […]

Quartz announces a new way to measure the global economy called Quartz Index

With its new product Quartz Index, Quartz wants to offer a new alternative to GDP for measuring the global economy. Quartz Index is an interactive, regularly updating dashboard that offers “an unconventional but more comprehensive picture of the big numbers driving the world economy.” Instead of focusing on GDP or stock markets, Quartz Index looks […]

What Brexit tells us about how people read the news: More coverage doesn’t mean more attention and discovery channels change during a story’s lifetime

Media organizations tended to give high priority to Brexit coverage early on, but Chartbeat’s data on the thousands of stories on Brexit shows that didn’t translate into attention from readers until much later on. And, as the story evolved, the way people discovered Brexit stories changed, too. Ahead of the announcement of the results on […]

London tech and media companies may bolt in the wake of Brexit

London has long been considered the financial and media capital of Europe, according to Noah Kulwin. American tech and media companies, like Facebook and Google, have offices there, and it’s an English-speaking toehold for American firms doing business on the continent. Brexit probably won’t upend that completely, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for […]