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Johnston Press’ purchase of ‘i’ gives it the scale it needs to sell national advertising

As U.K.’s The Independent goes digital-only, the sale of “i” to Johnston Press has big implications for the newspaper. Chief executive Ashley Highfield says that Johnston Press’ purchase of “i” gives the newspaper the scale it needs to sell national advertising. As part of Johnston Press, Highfield says “i” will launch its own website and […]

The Economist plans to double its circulation profits in the next 5 years by reducing print costs and migrating subscribers to digital

The Economist has an ambitious goal of doubling its circulation profits in the next five years. To achieve that goal, The Economist will need to increase its number of digital subscribers, reduce print costs by migrating subscribers to digital, and reduce the cost per customer acquisition, Lucinda Southern writes. The Economist reported revenue at £330 […]

The Guardian may start publishing some stories only members can access, but don’t call it a ‘paywall’

As The Guardian tries to cut its budget by 20 percent, chief executive David Pemrod says The Guardian may soon publish “some journalism which only our members can access.” But Pemrod insists that it’s not a paywall. Pemrod says: “A paywall is a very different route … Putting one up now would diminish our reach […]

Business Insider Deutschland is doubling its staff and expanding its original reporting, but can BI’s type of tech reporting take off in Germany?

Business Insider Deutschland launched in November as the eighth BI edition outside of the U.S., but Nieman Lab’s Shan Wang writes that Germany isn’t been the easiest place for expansion: Financial Times’ German spin-off folded in 2012, and there’s been a flood of other Millennial-focused publications moving into Germany, including BuzzFeed. Wang writes: “If the […]

Why Trinity Mirror is aggregating news from other publishers for its new app

Trinity Mirror’s newest app does something not a lot of publishers’ news apps do: Perspecs features up to 10 curated stories from other publishers, published as a daily edition. With each story, three different articles will run with opposing viewpoints, representing the left-leaning, neutral, and right-leaning perspective on the story. Trinity Mirror’s head of product, […]

Vice UK staff move to unionize, aiming to improve salary transparency and job security

The staff of Vice UK is moving to unionize with the National Union of Journalists, joining their U.S. colleagues who unionized in 2015 with the Writers Guild of America. The U.K. staff is calling for a “fair and transparent system” for pay and benefits and an improved system for employee contracts to create more job […]

Ad viewability is falling in Europe, and advertisers will need to pay more if they want higher viewability

The percentage of ads that are technically viewable in Europe dropped from 63 percent in the third quarter of 2015 to 58 percent in the fourth quarter, according to ad verification company Meetrics. But if advertisers want higher visibility rates, they’ll have to pay more, Lucinda Southern writes. According to data from Quantcast, ads that […]

A Financial Times columnist says she was warned by an advertiser about harming ‘relationships with advertisers’

A column in the Financial Times that made joke about Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief executive prompted an email from Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief marketing and communications officer Henry Gomez, FT columnist Lucy Kellaway says. In the email, Gomez said: “FT management should consider the impact of unacceptable biases on its relationships with advertisers.” Kellaway published […]

After launching mobile-optimized websites and apps for 4 of its brands, Johnston Press had record-breaking traffic in January

Johnston Press is planning to launch new mobile-optimized websites and apps for 11 brands in March and April after seeing success with mobile-friendly redesigns for 4 other brands. Johnston Press says it saw a 20 percent increase in unique visitors in January 2016 over January 2015, and traffic for the redesigned websites in particular saw […]

How Financial Times’ data team makes engagement a priority for the entire company

Many publishers are in the “awkward adolescent stages of data adoption,” Lucinda Southern writes, but because Financial Times has had a paywall since 2007, it’s had a head start. FT’s 30-person data team is focused on customer analytics and research, and chief data officer Tom Betts says the team helps make engagement a company-wide focus: […]