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What ad agencies want from Google AMP ads: Smaller file sizes and video AMP ads

Google is bringing its Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to mobile ads, and Digiday’s Jessica Davies talks to agencies about what they want to see from AMP ads. One creative director emphasized the importance of making sure AMP ads are scaled, which will force advertisers to adopt the format, while another agency said they wanted to […]

Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to pay Internet celebrities to use Facebook Live

Last month, the WSJ reported that Facebook is paying 140 media companies as much as $3 million to create live streams on the platform, with the bulk of the money going to bigger media companies such as BuzzFeed. Now, it’s reporting that Facebook has devoted $2.2 million to paying Internet celebrities from other platforms such […]

The similarities between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and journalists: Both are expected to be ‘objective,’ but no one is a truly neutral observer

In the aftermath of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s remarks on Trump and her apology, there’s a piece of the conversation missing, Ezra Klein writes. Ginsburg is expected to be an “objective,” neutral observer, but no one is a truly neutral observer. Klein writes: “This is the problem with confusing ‘objectivity’ with objectivity. It might be nice […]

‘No, publishers can’t learn anything from Pokemon Go’

While the world has been watching Pokemon Go, some have speculated on what publishers could learn from the augmented reality game. But Chris Sutcliffe writes that these ideas make “the assumption publishers have a product which audiences are not only willing to pay for, but offer access to their data and time for,” which Sutcliffe […]

How to determine if a subscription model is right for your business

These days, you can purchase a subscription for nearly anything from groceries to razor blades. But as companies rush to implement subscription models, how can they ensure that it’ll be successful? Robbie Kellman Baxter outlines a few key steps to success, including why it’s important to create a culture of membership inside the organization. Baxter […]

‘Pokemon Go will make you crave augmented reality’

“Augmented reality is the ‘boy who cried wolf’ of the post-Internet world,” Om Malik writes. “It’s long been promised but has rarely been delivered in a satisfying way.” Given the popularity of Pokemon Go, the game has the potential to change the landscape of augmented reality as we know it. And after playing the game […]

Why Twitter isn’t likely to get an edit button: It wouldn’t attract new Twitter users

The addition of an edit button on Twitter would solve a lot of the platform’s problems, Will Oremus writes. If a tweet ends up being inaccurate or unclear now, the original tweet is often deleted, but that’s a flawed solution, because the tweet simply disappears, often without explanation. Twitter’s Kevin Weil has said that an […]

When it comes to breaking news, Twitter and Facebook can stand alone, but they’re stronger with each other

Twitter and Facebook have a “special relationship” when it comes to breaking news, Charlie Warzel writes. Warzel writes: “For all its negative press and criticism, and despite a sustained assault from a far stronger rival in Facebook, Twitter remains not only resilient but vital when shit goes down. Twitter’s value during weeks like this one […]

Facebook’s advice for minimizing office politics: Open up communication and train politics out of conversations

Though office politics are often unavoidable, Facebook is trying to mitigate political behavior in its office before it becomes destructive. Facebook’s global head of engineering Jay Parikh lays out five strategies Facebook is using to minimize office politics. Those strategies include opening up communication so all employees feel comfortable raising concerns and “training” politics out […]

Track the deleted tweets of verified Twitter accounts

Similar to what Politwoops does for politicians’ tweets, PostGhost tracks all the deleted tweets of any verified Twitter account with over 10,000 followers and acts as a public archive of those tweets. Whether the verified user deleted a tweet due to a minor typo they simply couldn’t live with, or a statement they came to […]