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How to think about growth in a digital economy

“Too many companies are still formulating their growth strategies based on traditional growth planning approaches — yearly cycles, historical analytics, and incremental thinking,” Didier Bonnet and Pete Maulik write. But that kind of thinking won’t get you far in a digital economy, Bonnet and Maulik argue. They argue there’s three universal “truths” for planning for […]

Lessons in inclusive hiring: Recruiting diverse candidates is an ongoing process and formalize your hiring process with a rubric for what makes a ‘good’ candidate

“Building a diverse newsroom is work,” Shani O. Hilton wrote in 2014 — work that begins long before you actually hire someone, Stacy-Marie Ishmael argues. Ishmael shares her lessons from inclusive hiring, including: Recruiting is a continual process, job descriptions are important and can play a part in who’s likely to apply, post your job […]

Some are threatening to boycott Peter Thiel, but it’s nearly impossible to boycott him

In a post on Medium, Ellen Pao explains why Project Include has chosen to cut ties with Peter Thiel after Thiel funded a lawsuit against Gawker, expressed negative views on women’s voting rights and donated $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign, the latest in a string of threats to boycott Thiel. But boycotting Thiel is easier […]

Twitter is increasingly a media company, and its list of potential buyers should reflect that

“Let’s define Twitter once and for all,” Christopher Mims writes, “Twitter is a media company that happens to be based in San Francisco, and it should be structured, led and valued as such. Twitter is no longer a technology-driven hypergrowth unicorn.” And because Twitter is “increasingly a place where content is born,” Mims argues that […]

Managers’ common fears about remote work and how to solve those problems

Remote work has been around long enough that we can now see that managers’ biggest fears when it comes to letting employees work remotely are surmountable, Alison Green writes. Some managers are afraid that letting employees work remotely will lead to lead to a drop in communication. Green says that’s solvable through the use of […]

NYT is rebranding International New York Times as the international edition of The New York Times

The latest development in The New York Times’ efforts to build a larger paying audience outside of the U.S. is a rebranding of its international edition. Formerly known as International New York Times, it will be called the international edition of The New York Times going forward. Plus, there will no longer be a separate […]

Some work-related stress is good for you: How to strike a balance between too much and too little

All stress isn’t bad for you, Tim Cannon writes, but you have to know how to manage it. Research from the University of California–Berkeley shows that acute stress can keep the brain alert, and better alertness leads to better performance. Cannon suggests a few ways to turn stress into productivity at work: Set tough but […]

APIs from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were used to arrest Baltimore protesters

According to a new report from the ACLU of Northern California, police in Baltimore used a social media surveillance tool called Geofeedia to arrest protesters. Geofeedia uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’s APIs to create real-time maps of social media activity, such as in a protest areas. The ACLU report argues that as protests escalated, police […]

Work is changing, and leadership development needs to change to keep up

“As work itself is changing, some of the basic tenets of leadership development are being challenged,” Ravin Jesuthasan and Marie S. Holmstrom write, as technology changes how people work and ultimately how they’re led. Jesuthasan and Holmstrom write that there’s there three key ways leadership development will need to change as work continues to change: […]

Why hiring managers should let their team members meet with job candidates

Most hiring processes are missing an important step, Christian Bonilla writes: Letting members of the team, not just managers, meet with the candidates. Bonilla explains that their points of view can help managers make a good hiring choice, but it’s also a good professional development opportunity for the team members, as well. “When a team […]