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Facebook Live is available to the masses, but no one is really using it yet

Facebook’s live streaming feature was touted to be a “Periscope killer,” but now that it’s available to the masses, there’s one problem: No one is really using it. Some problems with Facebook Live include the fact that live videos cannot be promoted while they’re happening, only after, making it difficult for a live broadcast to […]

Facebook’s philosophy for finding exceptional employees: Look for diverse backgrounds and the kind of people who build things

When recruiting potential employees, Facebook’s global head of recruiting Miranda Kalinowski says there’s a few commonalities they look for, no matter the position they’re hiring for. While diversity of race and gender is important, Facebook also prioritizes diversity of background: For example, while it could have limited itself to hiring just from top universities, Facebook […]

Mark Luckie’s advice for pushing diversity: Provide a united front and be clear about what changes you want

Newly appointed as Reddit’s head of journalism and media, former Twitter news manager Mark Luckie offers his advice for people who want to push for greater diversity in their workplaces. Among Luckie’s advice: Gather a group of people who share your goals, be clear about what things you want to see change, and understand other […]

How to build a company of people passionate about their work

To attract the best employees, Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst says companies need an overarching goal that people will be passionate about. Whitehurst says Red Hat fosters employees’ passion in their work by letting them show their emotion and enthusiasm about their work and giving people the autonomy to do work that interests them.

How ‘superbosses’ spot and create brilliance in their employees

Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein has a theory that a certain kind of manager, called a “superboss,” is capable of cultivating the next generation of talented leaders in their industry, turning those employees into stars. These kinds of managers are capable of spotting incredible talent in potential employees, and creating it in existing employees. Finkelstein says […]

Facebook says captions can increase a video’s view time by 12 percent

Facebook’s director of ads product marketing Graham Mudd says 40 percent of Facebook’s video ads do not effectively communicate their message unless sound is turned on. Facebook is trying to fix that by introducing auto-captioning for video ads. Advertisers previously had to embed their own captions or upload caption files, and the automated captions can […]

To get the most out of ‘big data,’ companies need to develop the right metrics and identify key opportunities from the data

“Big data is emerging as a corporate standard,” and we’re entering a maturity stage for big data, NewVantage Partners CEO Randy Bean writes. To get the maximum value from big data, Bean says companies need to first develop the right metrics to track. Once you have the correct metrics in place, Bean says companies should […]

How managers can build and preserve trust with their staff

Managers can’t just say, “You can trust me,” and gain the trust of their employees; trust has to be earned, Butch Ward writes. Among Ward’s advice for managers to build and maintain trust with their staff: Let your staff know what your values are and follow through on them, be transparent about your decisions, and […]

LinkedIn is shutting down its ad network just a year after launching it

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google, LinkedIn began letting advertisers use its data to target ads to people outside of LinkedIn in February 2015. Now, LinkedIn is shutting down its ad network because the company believes the cost of growing the network will offset any potential profits. LinkedIn says it will use the […]

Snapchat is worth paying attention to because people are using it like they did Facebook in 2005

If you find yourself wondering if you should really know anything about Snapchat, Edelman’s Joe Scannell writes that there’s a simple reason that you should: “People are using Snapchat in 2016 like they were using Facebook in 2005.” Scannell says that alone is an opportunity, even if Snapchat doesn’t prove to be right for all […]